AC Fins Bent or Damaged?


Although your condenser may seem to be functioning properly, the coils have AC fins which typically become bent with normal use over time. The longer you neglect bent AC fins, the more it may restrict your air flow or other functionalities of the system.  This may lead to higher operating costs or even premature parts failure.

So what can you do?

Protect your unit! Keep landscapers, gardeners, pets and animals away from your investment. Natural causes may also occur such as pressure from the rain and hail, tree debris, rocks, etc. Ensure that your unit isn’t getting bumped into or urinated on. This will minimize the damages caused by external factors. Not only are you eliminating possible damaging factors but, by managing the environment your unit is in, you’re allowing for more air flow. If your unit isn’t straining to do its job, it’ll also allow for better efficiency and lower bills.

Straighten them out!

In order to perform this service, you may need to do additional research on this very specialized process but you can purchase coil combs from sources such as Amazon to straighten the coils after a cleaning. Not only will these combs straighten your fins out for proper airflow but they’ll also remove stubborn dirt that has accumulated.

Although it’s possible to “do it yourself”, we always recommend contacting your HVAC pro when your fins are bent. Be proactive about protecting your investment and give the industry experts at Cool Guys a call for their a professional opinion and services 210-534-2665!

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