Air Duct Cleaning


Air ducts play an important role in your air conditioning and heating system’s ability to perform efficiently. Over time, normal operation can cause dust and debris to accumulate especially if your home is located in a highly polluted area. In some extreme cases of buildup, dirty air ducts can decrease your AC’s efficiency by up to 40%! Your air ducts may need cleaning if you detect the following signs:

  • Any signs of water damage or leakage
  • Mold, mildew, slime, or other microbial growth
  • Dust, debris, or other external objects blocking traffic
  • Unpleasant odors when turning on your system
  • Accumulation of pet dander
  • Infestation of insects
  • If you remodeled and haven’t gotten your ducts cleaned since

If any of the signs listed above are detected, make sure to contact a reputable duct cleaning company to inspect each air duct and provide the necessary cleanings. Not only will they thoroughly clean your air ducts but they will eradicate the issue at its source. Poor air duct cleaning has been proven to decrease your home’s indoor air quality so make sure to check for companies in good standing with the National Air Duct Cleaning Association.

Although air duct cleaning isn’t exactly a “do it yourself” project, you can take simple measures to reduce the need of professional air duct cleaning services by regularly replacing your air filters and regularly scheduling your HVAC maintenance.

Don’t let an air duct cleaning be the reason why you’re spending more on your energy bills. Get the service you need with professional ductwork changes and repairs from the Cool Guys.

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