Air Duct Sealing

San Antonio Air Duct Sealing

Did you know that air duct leaks can cause 10 to 30 percent air loss in an average home? That is a significant amount of wasted energy leaking away. Just how well sealed are your air ducts? Leaks in air ducts can be caused by poor installation, age and wearing out over time as temperature fluctuations cause connections and joints to open up. If you suspect leaks in your air ducts, call Cool Guys Services, providing expert HVAC and air duct sealing service throughout the San Antonio Metro Area.

How Do You Know You Need Air Duct Sealing?

Look for the common red flags that your air ducts are leaking.

  1. Rooms are hard to cool or heat and feel stuffy and stale.
  2. Some areas have minimal air movement.
  3. Bad air quality can result from leaks pulling in contaminated air.
  4. Energy bill spikes because your HVAC system is operating inefficiently.
  5. Excessive dust in your home can be caused by broken, unsealed and collapsed air ducts.

Expert Repair and Air Duct Sealing

Let the experts in air duct sealing check your system for leaks. Our experienced air duct sealing technicians can identify damaged ductwork, collapsed sheet metal, dismantled seams and openings in air ducts. Damaged areas can be repaired and seams can be sealed to maximize the airtight quality of a properly operating air duct system.

Turn to San Antonio’s Expert in Air Duct Sealing

Cool Guys Services provides complete air duct services, including air duct sealing, in Metro San Antonio, and neighboring communities of:

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