How Spring Maintenance Can Save You Money


The hot summer temperatures are quickly approaching us here in Texas, causing more stress for your cooling systems. While your systems are working hard this summer to keep you cool and comfortable, you may be asking yourself – is my AC in good enough condition to handle that responsibility? It may be time for your spring maintenance services, which could actually end up saving you money and eliminating future inconveniences.

By getting your system maintained, your tech is ensuring that your system is working at its utmost efficiency, fixing small problems before they become larger and more expensive repairs. This will help you reduce breakdowns and repairs which is essential for the summertime.

When you receive your spring AC maintenance, you are ensuring that your system is working efficiently as well as properly. With efficient operation comes lower energy bills. In contrast, neglecting your system causes it to work harder to maintain a certain level of comfort resulting in more energy being dispensed.

Don’t wait until your system breaks down! If you maintain your system now, you can enjoy flexible scheduling and have the peace of mind knowing that your system is operating properly and efficiently. Reduce the possibility of getting stuck with a broken AC while keeping those bills as low as possible.

If you need maintenance services in the San Antonio and surrounding communities, call the Cool Guys today (210) 534-2665 or contact us online! We also offer the Keep It Cool plan where you can save money, ensure your system is performing at its peak year round and receive the Cool Guys’ No Breakdown Guarantee. Call us to sign up today!

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