A clogged condensate drain line can be yucky.  We know.  It’s a messy problem that many San Antonio-area homeowners have.

This needs to be fixed fast since a drain line clog can be the source of big problems like:

  • Contributing to the growth of mold, mildew, virus and bacteria
  • Causing water damage to your home
  • Leaking onto electrical components and connections

There are two things you can do to unclog it:

  1. Call on a professional air conditioning technician from Cool Guys
  2. Do it yourself

If you want to do it yourself read on, we will give you a simple method of unclogging the drain line. But there could be other problems with your a/c unit than just the drain line, so we highly recommend calling Cool Guys at (210) 534-2665 to at least diagnose the problem.

Simple instructions to unclog the drain line from your air conditioner

Step 1: Get out your wet/dry vacuum

You’ll need a wet/dry vacuum to suck out whatever is clogging the drain line.

Step 2: Find the main outside a/c drain line from your home

Most homes have a main drain line and some a secondary drain line. The secondary drain line is usually located higher and water drips out when the main drain line is clogged.  The secondary is normally above your front entrance or garage and is intended to get your attention that something is wrong – don’t ignore it! The main drain line is located near the ground on the outside of your home.  It is usually near the outside unit.  It’s normally a 3/4-quarter inch PVC pipe that’s coming out of your home.

Step 3: Attach the wet/dry vacuum hose over the main drain line

Now the fun starts. Before you turn on the vacuum, to increase the vacuum’s suction efficiency, make sure that the hose has a good seal on the PVC pipe. It’s just temporary so something like masking tape or a rag stuffed in the gap around the pipe will work just fine.  Now run the vacuum for 3 or 4 minutes.

Step 4: Look what was in that pipe

Turn off the vacuum after 3 minutes and see if you were able to get anything out. You could find dirt, algae, insects, dust and/or geckos in the vacuum, mixed and floating in all the water that had been backed up. Toss that stuff out and you’re done!

If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, contact Cool Guys for a repair visit. Scheduling online saves you 10%!

To avoid drain line clog problems in the future

An annual tune-up is the best way to avoid clogged a/c drain lines. Our service technicians check your drain line as a part of a typical maintenance visit.

If your system does get clogged, costly water damage can be prevented by a float switch. Float switches detect when water is backing up due to a clogged condensate line and shuts off your cooling system which prevents the production of more water which could leak everywhere.

On your next maintenance visit, your Cool Guys technician will test your float switch or let you know if you do not have one, and will double check the cleanliness of your air conditioner’s drain line.

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