Why a Compressor Saver (Hard Start Kit) is a Good Idea


Have you ever noticed your lights dimming when your air conditioner turns on? During an air conditioning system’s start up, it consumes 5 to 10 times more electricity than it does when it is already running. This surge of power creates heat that can damage the terminals, winding, run capacitor, and compressor. The compressor is required to transport a large amount of refrigerant which takes a lot of work and energy. Not only does the compressor move liquid but it also moves gas. In order to complete this process in a smooth manner, the compressor must be able to handle pressure difference at startup.

This compressor saver, or hard start kit, is an electrical component that is installed in your air conditioning condenser and acts as a combination of a relay and a start capacitor. Its main purpose is to aid the compressor in its startup, allowing your HVAC system to turn on more quickly and effectively. This means it will begin faster and use less energy and overall will be friendlier to your wallet.

Think of it like this: if you have ever had to push a stalled vehicle, you know that the hardest part is getting it rolling. Once it is moving, it is easier to keep it going. A hard start kit is like having a football team helping you push. With all that help, it will be rolling down the road in much less time than if you did it by yourself. Once in motion, you can maintain the velocity without the additional assistance.

A hard start kit could greatly benefit your wallet and your HVAC unit, adding years to the life of your HVAC system and helping it cool your air in an efficient way. It can also prevent the dimming lights that are indicative of a straining system. Investing in one could save you money in the long run with by reducing your electric bills and the amount you spend on repairs in the future. Let the Cool Guys make sure you’re saving money by cooling smart! Give us a call today 210-534-2665.

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