n South Texas, we rely on our air conditioners to keep us comfortable almost year round.

So what are the odds that you would willingly sabotage your own air conditioner?

Pretty high if you’re not regularly checking and changing your air filter.

Let me explain why.

Air filters—serve and protect your A/C

The basic air filter in most home air conditioning systems in the San Antonio area are very cheap and simple. They are made from some inexpensive material like fiberglass and designed to do one thing—keep harmful dirt and debris out of your A/C system.

Why is that important?

While it’s unlikely that a little dust will negatively affect your air conditioning system, when dirt and debris build up many problems may occur:

  • Your A/C’s ability to cool your home’s air will be reduced. This can…
  • Cause an increase your energy bills and
  • Lead to premature breakdown from having to run longer and harder

Enter the hero: the air filter. It catches dirt particles and other debris, keeping them out of your air conditioner.  Yea!

But your hero can turn on you quickly…

When you’re not careful, the heroic air filter will quickly betray you.  Boo!

If you leave your air filter in your A/C system too long, it gets clogged with dirt (especially during the summer season) and becomes worse than useless—it can lead to actual damage.

A dirty air filter reduces the amount of airflow to your air conditioner, which can cause your A/C to:

  • Not cool your home properly
  • Use much more energy to cool your home
  • Overheat
  • Trip your circuit breaker
  • Break down

Keep your air filter working for you

Want to keep a dirty air filter in your A/C system from causing a lot of damage?  The solution is surprisingly simple—change your air filter.

We recommend checking your air filter about once a month and changing it when it looks dirty (which is usually once a month in San Antonio).

This will help your air filter do its job, saving your A/C system from the dangerous dirt and debris in your home’s air.

Cool Guys Mechanical’s premium Keep It Cool maintenance plan not only services your system twice a year but provides you with 6 filters at each service and a monthly reminder to change your filter.  Contact us online or give us a call at (210) 534-2665.

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